What we learned was that for people <30, the current gene-based vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J), vaccination is more likely to kill you than save you.

If you believe that early treatments work, then vaccination makes no sense for any age. If you get COVID, you treat ASAP as directed in that document. We believe early treatments work.

Mask wearing is political theater. It's actually harmful.

Here's a nice overview document

The truth about vaccines that the CDC doesn’t want you to know
The CDC claims nobody has been killed by the vaccines. We explain why we think the death toll is over 40,000 people.

Vaccine safety FAQ
This is the latest document about vaccine safety. Start here. It also has a question on mask wearing showing it is useless.

Vaccine safety evidence
This is the supporting document to the FAQ. Makes the argument that the current vaccines are unsafe for use in humans regardless of age. Allowing natural infection and treating with proven early treatments is the best approach until a safe, sterilizing vaccine can be developed. This document contains many links, including a link to my Vaccine FAQ document which outlines effective treatments for COVID, long-haul COVID, and treating vaccine side effects.

Despite public challenges, nobody respected in the medical community will agree to a neutral-forum public debate hosted by TrialSiteNews on my article. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know. You don't even have to read the article.

Other resources

My 90-minute video that presents a compelling case that the current gene-based vaccines have killed over 25,000 people while the FDA, CDC, and NIH look the other way and ignore all the safety signals. These vaccines should be withdrawn immediately. Discusses the suppression of approval of repurposed drugs that have been shown to be effective when used

Are the Covid-19 vaccines “safe and effective”?
A video presentation by Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund.Note that views expressed in this presentation are those of

Slide deck that was used for the presentation:

Stop the vaccine
“Safe and effective?” Steve Kirsch Executive Director COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund stk@treatearly.org

Short FAQ on the vaccine

Vaccine FAQ
Vaccine side effects FAQ I thought it would be helpful to create a vaccine side effect FAQ. This is all my opinion. This is not medical advice. You can use this to educate yourself and your doctor so you can make more informed decisions as to what is best for you. How many people have been kille...

My long document that argues in great detail that the current gene-based vaccines are extremely dangerous

Should you get vaccinated?
I always get vaccinated. I have been fully vaccinated with the Moderna COVID vaccine. My three daughters have all been vaccinated. I recently learned that

Argument against vaccinations
Written by scientist who is objecting to vaccine mandate at work.

More resources
A complete list of all vaccine related resources by multiple authors showing that the current gene-based vaccines were rushed to market without adequate testing and are unsafe for use in humans.