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Key points

  1. All three current vaccines kill more people than they save for all age ranges.
  2. Based upon our research, it appears that vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans so far.
  3. TrialSiteNews has publicly asked if anyone qualified is willing to defend the CDC and FDA's position (since those agencies won't). Crickets.
  4. Nobody prominent will meet with our team to discuss any of the issues raised here. They ignore us or censor us.
  5. If you have to get vaccinated, see How to treat COVID for tips on what vaccine to get, pre- and post-medications to avoid side effects. If you've already been vaccinated, it will also explain how to treat vaccine side-effects.
  6. The vaccines have not shown to have a statistically significant all-cause morbidity or mortality benefit. They make no sense. In fact, the all-cause morbidity is elevated and it is highly statistically significant (see Table 1). According to a former insider, Sunnycrest nursing home in Canada just gave booster shots for 136 residents. The results: 4 died and 7 were hospitalized. Benefit: To save one life in a year. This is nonsensical, but nobody is paying attention to the actual numbers. All the whistleblowers have had to quit or were fired.
  7. Early treatment using repurposed drugs is superior to vaccination on every metric. But the NIH and FDA want to push the vaccine so they claim early treatments don't work. This is killing people, including vaccinated people with breakthrough cases. The opinion of the FDA is now at the top of the evidence-based medicine pyramid (e.g., that ivermectin is harmful even though the systematic reviews say it isn't). So expert opinion of the FDA and NIH now trumps evidence-based medicine. That's insane. We don't know of any people who were given an early treatment protocol within days of first symptoms who ended up dead. Zero. Do you?
  8. Mask wearing is pure political theater as shown in this 1 hour video by Tyson Gabriel. It's actually harmful. The Danish study that showed it didn't work had to be changed to say it worked in order to get published; nothing like distorting science to fit the political narrative. This isn't the only example of this. Papers that go against the narrative are either rejected as "out of scope" or for some other reason. Even top scientists can't get published (even after passing peer review). Science is being redefined here. Even meeting notes from a meeting to approve the use of fluvoxamine for COVID has been rejected by 6 journals so far (a 9 month delay thus far). Truly mind boggling.

What my analysis found

My analysis shows that two independent stopping conditions have already been triggered for all three COVID vaccines in the US.

Each stopping condition has been validated in the scientific peer-reviewed literature:

  1. The vaccines have killed > 150,000 Americans
  2. The vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups

We only need to trigger ONE stopping condition in order to halt vaccination. The inconvenient truth is that BOTH of these conditions have triggered and both of these stopping conditions are now VALIDATED in the peer-reviewed scientific literature (see each article for details). This is an inconvenient truth, so everyone ignores it and refuses to talk about it.

Early treatment is safer and more effective than vaccination. We should use it instead of vaccination. We can get back to normal instantly, eliminate long-haul COVID, and get to herd immunity very quickly.

But nobody will agree to debate us. Even Pfizer declined to defend the safety of their own drug:

Challenge to the Scientific Community – It’s Time for Honest and Open Debate on Vaccine Safety
TrialSite has published articles that counter the mainstream narrative promoted by the CDC, NIH, and the US government. While we have been criticized, we

All you need to know (source slides)
High level view. This deck summarizes the case for you: the vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups. They'd have to be >100X safer to be practical. We should focus on early treatment. Uttar Pradesh is now COVID-free and they did it all with early treatment; almost no one is vaccinated. By contrast, Israel, one one of the most heavily vaccinated countries on earth, the cases are at an all-time high.

Proof the CDC is lying about vaccine safety (source PDF)
Using the CDC's own paper, we prove that they are lying to us about vaccine safety. The CDC and FDA are incapable of responding to these accusations.

Estimating the number of COVID vaccine deaths in America (source PDF)
This document shows Stopping Condition #1 has been triggered.

It uses VAERS to estimate the total number of excess deaths caused by the vaccines (over 150,000). This document calculates the URF of 41 using anaphylaxis. It shows there is no "over reporting" due to a higher propensity to report. It shows 7 other ways to estimate the number of deaths caused by the vaccine. There is also a table of elevated adverse events caused by the vaccine sorted by X factor (e.g., 10 means occurs at 10 times the rate in previous years). The FDA and CDC only see one elevated event out of the hundreds of serious elevated events. More troubling is they missed the mortality signal. These vaccines are 7,000 times more deadly than previous vaccines. Over 150,000 dead Americans, this is a stopping condition for the vaccines. I also address the bogus arguments about VAERS that fact checkers always erroneously use to discredit my analyses.  In the document, I start by citing studies in the literature that confirm what I found.

Vaccine risk/benefit by age (source PDF)
This document shows Stopping Condition #2 has been satisfied.

We do a calculation of the vaccine death risk per million doses vs. the benefit over 6 months in terms of COVID deaths saved under the assumption that the vaccines are 90% effective against all variants. What we find is the vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups. It is lunacy to get vaccinated because not only are you more likely to die from the vaccine, but you are even more likely to be disabled, often permanently like 12-year old Maddie de Garay who is paralyzed for life after participating in the Pfizer clinical trial. In the document, I start by citing studies in the literature that confirm what I found.

Nicki Minaj was right and all the world's experts were wrong (PDF  source)
All the scientific evidence I could find shows Nicki was absolutely right in making the association between vaccination and symptoms and all the experts were wrong. This is just another example of the ineptitude of both the FDA and CDC to spot safety signals. Maybe they should start relying on Nicki Minaj for their safety signals since she has spotted issues they haven't by simply talking to people (talking to people is a novel technique rarely used by "real" scientists like those at the FDA and CDC).

VRBPAC meeting September 17, 2021 (slides PDF, slide source)
My remarks at the September 17 FDA VRBPAC meeting to approve the booster. This went viral worldwide with millions of views because I talked about the elephant in the room: the fact that the vaccines kill more people than they save.

Facebook comments from the vaccine injured
A 1,000 page archive of the original famous WXYZ-TV Facebook posting in case they remove the post.

My $1M bet termsheet
This is your chance to prove me wrong and win $1M at the same time! If you think the vaccines are perfectly safe and have killed fewer than 500 American and you can raise $1M, open this document immediately. This is your chance to double your money with a few hours of effort! But since everyone knows we've killed over 20,000 people, nobody will take my bet. The fact that nobody will take my bet is a tacit admission that nobody really believes what the CDC and FDA are saying about vaccine safety. In short, the fact that nobody is willing to bet me proves nobody trusts the government agencies, not even the people who work there. Those who think this is a gimmick and I'm not serious, should simply call my bluff. and document everything. But I'm not bluffing. For me, this is a risk-free way to get another $1M.

My $1M research grant termsheet
If you are a researcher at an academic institution who has written papers that have been published, all you have to do is be the first one to publish a paper in a journal with an impact factor of 1.0 or more that shows the corrected analysis that Mathew Crawford did and proves he was off by a factor of 4 or more.

My Rumble channel (stkirsch)
All my vaccine videos are posted here because YouTube has censored at least one of my videos within minutes after posting (now I have to lie to people to not get removed).

My Gab TV channel (stkirsch)
Contains other video such as the 13 minute version of TFNT9.

Comments from Israelis telling their government how bad the vaccines are
The Israel government make a facebook post telling the public how safe and effective the vaccines are. They got an earful. Here are just the first 65 pages of responses.

The Pfizer mRNA vaccine: pharmacokinetics and toxicity
Co-authored by my friend Michael Palmer, shows just how dangerous the vaccines are and how we should have known all this ahead of time but chose to look the other way.

TFNT1: Have the COVID vaccines killed over 200,000 Americans? (video,  slides PDF,  slides source)
Shows how to calculate excess deaths from the vaccine and makes a compelling case for stopping vaccination now and replacing with early treatment if you get COVID. No more masks, social distancing, or lockdowns required. Nobody will do it. Instead we will continue to mandate a vaccine that kills more people than it saves. Feel free to make derivative works of the slides. There is a link to the slides source.

TFNT2: The Abrien Aguirre interview (video, slides)
This is an expanded version of the original interview with COVID healthcare whistleblower Abrien Aguirre. He says he observed 32 deaths from the vaccine and not a single COVID death.

TFNT3: Pfizer’s own study shows all-cause mortality increase (video, slides PDF, slide source)
We examine the Pfizer 6 month study and show that more people who died that got the vaccine than got the placebo. Wasn't the idea that the vaccines were supposed to save lives? The younger you are, the worse it is. The VAERS data enables us to estimate that we basically kill 6 kids for every child we save from COVID. If there is a more accurate estimate, please let us know.

TFNT4: Vaccines kill more people than they save (video,  slides PDF, slide source)
The most definitive study on all-cause mortality is the Pfizer 6 month phase 3 trial report which had 20 deaths in the vaccine group and 14 deaths in the placebo group. So we killed 7 people to save one COVID life in that study (the most accurate ratio is closer to kill 2 to save 1). This is why mandates are required. Anyone who looks closely at the data has no interest in taking the vaccine. This is why so many doctors and nurses avoid getting vaccinated: the cost-benefit just isn't there. But they will NEVER admit they were wrong. We will continue to suppress early treatment and keep telling people "the vaccine is safe and effective." It's a lie and nobody who is respected in the medical community will debate me on the data.

TFNT5: WXYZ-TV Facebook request backfires: Revenge of the vaccine injured (video)
WXYZ-TV wanted to do a story on how people lost an unvaccinated loved one to COVID. Instead, they found that everyone was getting injured and dying from the vaccines. Whoops! But don't worry. They won't disclose that the vaccines are unsafe. They will continue to mislead the public. I spent an hour on the page so you can see it before they remove the page from public view.

TFNT6: Steve Kirsch interviewed by Jack Thompson about vaccine safety (video)
I don't pull any punches at all in this video about how I got started, what the evidence says, and how people try to discredit me.

TFNT7: Tom Kertscher's bogus "fact check" of my claims that the vaccine kills more people than it saves (video)
Tom works for PolitiFact. His job is to enforce the false narrative. He doesn't go into a fact-check with an open mind and intellectual curiosity. He goes into it with an agenda to take me down. He was supposed to fact check my statement that the Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves. The evidence was clear from Pfizer's own study that was the case, but it's also true from the VAERS data. See the vaccine risk/benefit document above.

TFNT8: Cathy Zhang interviews Steve Kirsch about vaccine safety (video)
I don't pull any punches in this 1 hour interview where I call people out by name for ducking and hiding.

TFNT9: CDC and FDA vaccine committees should resign for failing to spot safety signals (video 13 min video  slides  slide source) Posted Sep 29, 2021
I tried to tell them that there were huge safety signals being generated in VAERS and that the CDC detection algorithm was flawed. They ignored me. So now they get to star in their own video where I expose the total incompetence of all the committee members. Not only did they FAIL to spot over 1,000 safety signals on their own, but even after it was expressly pointed out to them, they couldn't recognize them either. This is unacceptable. They should all resign. America deserves better than this. But nobody in Congress is holding them accountable.

TFNT10: Myocarditis deception (video slides slides source)
This video explains what the real myocarditis rates are based on the VAERS data. The rates are as high as 1 in 318 for 16-year-old boys an elevation of over 1,000 times weekly baseline. Nobody is measuring the troponin levels after vaccination; these can stay elevated for weeks and can be an indicator of sub-clinical myocarditis. The bottom line is that the CDC should have caught this earlier, and it's much worse than they have led people to believe. There is still a lot we don't know about the troponin levels and how long they stay elevated. The vaccines should be halted for kids on this data, but they just look the other way.

TFNT11: The FDA's BIG mistake (slides PDF, slides source)
The FDA has been assuming that nearly all of the adverse events reported in VAERS have been due to "over-reporting" of "background events." In short, there is nothing to see here: it's all noise. This video proves that that assertion is impossible. It shows compelling evidence that VAERS is actually UNDER-reported by a factor of 4 compared to previous years and the under-reporting factor is 41 for this year. The video also discloses that the FDA and CDC never bothered to compute the two key factors (the URF and PTR) that reveal the truth. They simply assumed everything was fine. This was the BIG mistake. The VAERS data shows, without a doubt, that these vaccines are a train wreck and should have been halted in January 2021 when VAERS was first throwing off extreme safety signals. However, everyone in the mainstream media, Congress, and the medical community is afraid confronting the truth as it would erode all trust in these institutions. So the deception MUST continue, just like a Ponzi scheme cannot be stopped.

Steve Kirsch asks John Su for the "correct" URF Posted Oct 6, 2021
Since I don't want to be accused of spreading misinformation, I left a voicemail for John Su asking him to call me with the correct URF for VAERS this year and how he calculated it. This is a number everyone should know and nobody does know. If you want to know an estimate of how many people the vaccines have killed, you take the number in VAERS and multiply it by the URF to get the number of actual deaths. So this number is extremely important. Not a single person in the medical community wants to know this number. It pretty much proves that nobody wants to know how unsafe the vaccines are. Are you surprised? This is all about avoiding safety signals.

Jessica Rose: Latest VAERS video for the CCCA (1 hour)
Shows why we should be stopping the vaccines now due to safety concerns. Incredible number and diversity of adverse events (nearly everything possible).

Comment written for the ACIP 8-30-21 meeting
This is a good overall introduction to the key issues. It is only 30 pages and is very recent.

Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated
Over 180 reasons why passing on vaccination is a good idea. If you want to be armed for a debate, this is the document to read. It's around 250 pages.

Vaccine Safety FAQ
A 200 page document of over 100 questions answered about vaccine safety including how the FDA missed all the safety signals and a table of adverse events and their frequency distribution. Has the Dose 1 and Dose 2 VAERS analysis links. It has legal resources at the end for opposing mandates.

Vaccine Safety Evidence
Contains additional references and detailed calculations by age showing how we calculated the breakeven point for when vaccines would have a favorable risk/benefit ratio.

A condensed version of the famous DarkHorse podcast (only 1 hour):

Watch 1-Hour Version of Censored Interview with Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology
Watch this 1-hour version of the original “Dark Horse Podcast” featuring an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology. YouTube and other platforms censored the video.

A repost of the original 3.5 hour DarkHorse podcast:

The truth about vaccines that the CDC doesn’t want you to know
The CDC claims nobody has been killed by the vaccines. We explain why we think the death toll is over 40,000 people.

Other resources

My original 90-minute video on vaccine safety. A bit dated on the number of deaths, but the rest is still relevant.

Are the Covid-19 vaccines “safe and effective”?
A video presentation by Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund.Note that views expressed in this presentation are those of

Slide deck that was used for the presentation:

Stop the vaccine
“Safe and effective?” Steve Kirsch Executive Director COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund

Short FAQ on the vaccine

This was my first big document on vaccine safety:

Should you get vaccinated?
I always get vaccinated. I have been fully vaccinated with the Moderna COVID vaccine. My three daughters have all been vaccinated. I recently learned that

Argument against vaccinations
Written by scientist who is objecting to vaccine mandate at work.

More resources
A complete list of all vaccine related resources by multiple authors showing that the current gene-based vaccines were rushed to market without adequate testing and are unsafe for use in humans.

Stopping conditions triggered: SILENCE!

Triggering either stopping condition should stop the vaccine. We've triggered both.

When confronted with this information from both studies and the references in the peer reviewed literature that back them up, the response from the FDA, and the outside voting ACIP (the CDC committee) and VRBPAC (the FDA) committee members is SILENCE.  So silent you can hear a pin drop.

I've posted my emails to them on my Gab account. Please follow me there if you believe in science.

Final notes on censorship

The press won't cover this even after I got millions of views from my FDA testimony. PolitiFact assigned a reporter (Tom Kertscher) to "Fact Check" me but it wasn't a serious fact check. It was a political hit piece masquerading as a fact check. All requests to do a recorded zoom call with Tom if he disagreed with any of the claims were ignored. Sadly, these people aren't interested finding in the truth. They are simply interested in discrediting anyone who goes against the false narrative. And the medical community isn't lifting a finger to stop the censorship of the truth. Watch the video.  

This is an America I no longer recognize. Look, if I've got it wrong, tell me. But you have to read what I wrote first before you tell me I'm wrong. As of September 22, 2021, the only person to do a serious analysis of my work is a widely respected brilliant billionaire in Silicon Valley who is one of the smartest guys I've ever met. He asked great questions and got great answers. It was a productive conversation. And he couldn't find any flaws.

How can a brilliant Silicon Valley billionaire spend hours investigating this when the FDA, CDC, and NIH have spent a total of  (from what I can tell) a few seconds to look at this? It's not the billionaire's job to monitor safety signals on the vaccines. He cares simply because he's a decent human being. But it is the FDA's job. And according to the FDA's Steven A. Anderson, it is his primary mission to evaluate safety signals for these vaccines. That's what he said on a recorded zoom call. But he couldn't find a mortality signal. He will not read my analysis. When I tried contacting him about it, he ignores all emails and phone calls.  If Anderson wants to stop "misinformation" he should send me a document with the correct analysis. But he has no such document. That's troubling. Really troubling. They ignore my analysis and have nothing in the tank. That's why he can't respond.

The censorship on the social media platforms today is insane. Robert Malone and I are both locked out of our Twitter accounts. If we had a private right of action of $100K for any true posting that is censored by the social media platform, then truth would no longer be censored. No lawsuits. No censorship of the truth. No member of Congress will talk to me about that. Ro Khanna hangs up on me, Anna Eshoo's staff ignores all my emails, and John Garamendi refuses to talk to me. It's a longer list but you get the idea. I'm livid. This simple change to the economics would shift everything. Nobody in Congress wants to talk about it. And of course, no newspaper in America would run an op-ed on it either.