Got COVID? Treating it ASAP is key for best outcomes.

The short story is DO NOT WAIT for symptoms. As soon as you know or strongly suspect you have COVID, start treatment IMMEDIATELY with all three drugs. It doesn't matter if you are a low-risk or high risk patient. It doesn't matter what age you are. If you have COVID or even think you probably have COVID, start treatment immediately.

The single biggest mistake doctors make today is "I'll only treat you if you are a high risk patient" or "Let's wait for symptoms before we treat you" or "you are too young, you probably won't get sick."

In Mexico, they start treatment if they suspect COVID, and don't even wait for the PCR results to come back. Their hospitals are empty.

These treatments with repurposed drugs below are all extremely safe and well tolerated and even if you are a healthy teenager, your benefit:risk ratio is still way higher treating the disease aggressively than sitting back with no defenses.

One physician confided to me, "I made the mistake early on NOT to treat a 17 years old but treated her parents …Long story short 3 months later she developed Tourette’s from COVID."

Here is why these unpredictable complication happen (basically it is damage to random parts of your body).

So if you doctor won't treat you immediately, please find a doctor who will.

The sooner COVID is treated, the easier it is to stop and reverse. You can avoid having long haul COVID if you treat early and aggressively.

If you have telltale COVID symptoms, do not wait for a test result before treatment. If your COVID test comes back negative, no harm done.

  1. Fluvoxamine (luvox) 50mg bid x 14day. If not available, use fluoxetine (prozac) 30mg qd x 14 days. If already on an antidepressant, have patient stay on it. Avoid caffeine while on fluvoxamine.
  2. Ivermectin .2 to .4mg/kg x 5 days (or longer if symptoms not resolved). Use the higher dosage in areas with variants (such as those in India and Brazil) that are harder to treat. Take with a meal or right after a meal for best absorption.
  3. Inhaled budesonide: 400 µg per actuation (two puffs to be taken twice per day; total dose per day 1600 µg) x 7 days (or until resolution of respiratory symptoms).

The dosing for fluvoxamine is from the Seftel study, the dosing for ivermectin is from the FLCCC Guidelines, and the dosing for budesonide is from the sole budesonide early treatment study. Start all three drugs immediately at the same time.

Symptoms should start to reverse in 24 hours if you treat early.

Note that ivermectin and inhaled budesonide are, as of April 27, officially approved in India for treatment of COVID, but the dosages officially recommended are low and they delay the budesonide (which is not what the study recommended). Using the recommendations above will result in better outcomes than the official government guidelines.

If you read these 5 documents in the suggested order, you will be well equipped to handle your COVID infection and get the most effective medications from your doctor.

The biggest problem you'll have is convincing your doctor to pay attention to the evidence on the table (and the results of every other doctor who has ever used these drugs in combination in multiple countries) rather than following the guidance of the WHO, NIH, CDC, EMA, etc. You can do much better than the statistics, but to do that, you must arm yourself with the knowledge you will need to get the drugs you need.

  1. Early treatment is key to better outcomes
  2. Detailed advice on treatment, list of fluvoxamine prescribers
  3. Ten things to know about treating COVID infections
  4. Drugs and dosages
  5. Summary of what we know about treating early (just read the introduction)

Additional info

Short summary of the case for using fluvoxamine for COVID (slides)

Video presentation of the slides (15 minutes at start of Semmelweis effect seminar)

Detailed summary of the evidence supporting the use of fluvoxamine for COVID
The tl;dr is that every piece of evidence we have ever seen (observational studies, randomized trials, doctor experiences) is positive. There are no cases where fluvoxamine made things worse. If treated early enough with fluvoxamine, patients can recover and completely avoid long-haul COVID issues.

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