Got COVID? Treating it ASAP is key for best outcomes.

If you read these 4 documents in the suggested order, you will be well equipped to handle your COVID infection and get the most effective medications from your doctor. The biggest problem you'll have is convincing your doctor to pay attention to the evidence on the table rather than following the guidance of the WHO, NIH, CDC, EMA, etc. You can do much better than the statistics, but to do that, you must arm yourself with the knowledge you will need to get the drugs you need.

  1. How India can reduce COVID hospitalizations and deaths
  2. Ten things to know about treating COVID infections
  3. Drugs and dosages
  4. Detailed advice on treatment, how to get prescriptions, ...

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Detailed summary of all the evidence supporting the use of fluvoxamine for COVID
The tl;dr is that every piece of evidence we have ever seen (observational studies, randomized trials, doctor experiences) is positive. There are no cases where fluvoxamine made things worse. If treated early enough with fluvoxamine, patients can recover and completely avoid long-haul COVID issues.

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COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) Introduction - YouTube

Fluvoxamine: Finding a possible early treatment for COVID-19 in a 40-year-old antidepressant - 60 Minutes - CBS News