About me

About me

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple high tech companies.

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I'm not on Twitter anymore; I'm in Twitter Heaven. I was banned for life on November 24, 2021 because I sent tweets about how dangerous the current COVID vaccines are.

Back in April 2020, when COVID hit, I looked for what I could do that would make a difference.

I found that:

  1. Drug repurposing was the fastest, lowest-cost way to end the pandemic
  2. Treating the virus as early as possible was incredibly important (we should never be telling people to go home and do nothing)
  3. Nobody was funding the top scientists working on outpatient trials of repurposed drugs. The top drugs (like camostat) weren't being funded at all

This is an epic failure of world governments and the WHO.

So I put in $1M of my own money and raised another $5M to start CETF.

In early May, 2021, I started hearing disturbing stories from my friends about vaccine injuries and deaths. These were too frequent to ignore. Someone was lying. So I started digging and found that I had been lied to about the vaccine by the US government. Not only that, but my best estimates (confirmed by multiple independent sources) were that we have killed over 150,000 Americans from the vaccine and nobody was bothered by that. I wrote an article on TrialSiteNews and that let to the Darkhorse podcast and the rest is history. You can see all the links here.